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presentationhelper July 23, 2005

workindex.com July 20, 2005

This article on the use of avatars in presentations cites research on their effectiveness and talks about case studies using Vox Proxy.

"...In short, avatars open a whole new world for presenters. If you want to keep your audience awake, take a page from Disney. Animated characters will be a hit every time."


Add Life To Power Point Presentations With Animation
July 29, 2005

"...It is into this dull void that Vox Proxy steps in, with a software suite that enables you to add animated characters to your presentations. These are not just any type of characters but characters that you can make do just about anything you want. They speak and move with you in full control to add life and dynamism to your presentations.

Vox Proxy does for Power Point what Odd Cast does for Web sites. If you give a lot of presentations I would highly encourage you to at least have a look at Vox Proxy, try it out and see if it's for you."


March, 2005 by Kathy Jacobs

"Vox Proxy, created and sold by RightSeat Software is a great way to bring an additional level of interaction to your PPT presentations. To put the product through its paces, I created a very basic script for a four slide presentation. It touches on the highlights of the process of script creation. As I created the scripts, I was amazed by the abilities of the characters. They can read, write, do magic, move, speak, and wait. In addition, each of the characters have thier own special actions you have to see to believe.

VoxProxy can be very addicting. I can see uses for this all over the place."

AV Multimedia Video Producer

November, 2004 by David English

"Have you ever SEEN a PowerPoint presentation you could describe as entertaining? Probably not. Most likely that’s due to limited funds. With a bigger budget, we could add a professional narrator, tightly integrated music and carefully choreographed graphics. There are, however, ways to liven a presentation up without having to invest lots of time or money.

Vox Proxy Version 2 from Right Seat Software adds talking 3D-animated characters to your PowerPoint slides. It’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive ($199). While many multimedia add-on products fail because the resulting quality is less than professional, the results from Vox Proxy can be quite good, depending on how you use it. The program has a built-in text-to-speech engine that sounds just as you would expect—overly electronic to be convincing. However, if you purchase Vox Proxy’s AT&T Natural Voices add-on pack ($60 for two voices), the text-to-speech voices are almost indistinguishable from real voices.

There are no royalties involved with creating a CD. You could create a self-starting training program or product demo narrated by a group of 3D-animated characters, and then distribute the presentation on CD to your employees or customers.

Vox Proxy does a good job of integrating with PowerPoint. There are two ways to create Vox Proxy scripts. You can select the characters, gestures, character commands, speech tags, program variables and other script functions directly from the menus, or you can code the script manually using the simple programming language. This strong integration allows you to create your PowerPoint slides and Vox Proxy scripts simultaneously. You can preview the animation and fine tune how the characters line up with the graphics on the slide."

THE Journal

Vox Proxy - September 2004 Product Watch

"If you use PowerPoint, you’ll love Right Seat Software’s PowerPoint companion software Vox Proxy. ... However, none of this begins to show how easy to use the program actually is."

Inside Microsoft PowerPoint

Let Vox Proxy animated characters present your next slide show
by Matt Gebhardt, published December, 2003

This excellent article includes a simple tutorial illustrating how to get started using Vox Proxy.

"If you’re looking for an innovative and entertaining way to add some character and personality to your next presentation, you’ll want to check out Vox Proxy 2, an interactive multimedia add-in for PowerPoint...

...To say that the simple preceding tutorial is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities Vox Proxy brings to your presentations is an understatement..."

Inc Magazine

Roll your own
by John Rhodes, published October, 2003

"For something really different, check out Vox Proxy from Right Seat Software. It's a cool authoring program for MS PowerPoint that costs about $200, and lets you easily insert one or more talking, 3-D animated characters into your slide shows. Characters can perform dozens of animated actions and speak any text you provide for them. Programming for basic slide shows is easy, with pull-down menus for most functions. Advanced operations are available through a simple, scripting language. Remote viewing is typically accomplished via a free "viewer" application."

Chicago Tribune

Entrepreneurs make powerful point
by Rachel Osterman, published August 20, 2003

"By itself, Dan Huffman calculated, PowerPoint would "bore the kids to tears." So Huffman, who uses the popular Microsoft Corp. program to teach Sunday school lessons, bought a software tool that allows him to infuse his presentations with animated characters that talk, dance, and communicate biblical themes on every slide."

CNET Download.com

Power up PowerPoint
Published August, 2003

"For most white-collar warriors, there's nothing worse than being trapped in a meeting room with an ambitious marketing executive droning on over his seemingly infinite PowerPoint presentation. That is, unless, that marketing guy happens to be Power Downloader. With Vox Proxy, he turns lackluster slide shows into 3D animation festivals."

Read Vox Proxy user reviews on download.com

See the video review of Vox Proxy

Education Clearinghouse

Vox Proxy Review: 3 stars out of 3
Published July, 2003

"This is a program you will quickly fall in love with, once you load it onto your system and begin using it. So simple to use, you will feel (and look) like a pro in a very short time.

Now instead of a boring slide show for your students or staff, you will have a fully animated, talking presentation that you created yourself. This is a great way to get the lesson across to your VISUAL learners, who need more than words on a screen or in a book - now you will captivate their minds and be able to teach them in a new and improved manner that they will not only understand but REMEMBER!!!

We absolutely love this program and thank Vox Proxy for the opportunity to share it with you. As always their programs are TOP NOTCH in quality and ease of use. They are also a hands on company that is there when needed, with a great support staff and they stand behind what they make!

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this product! And we know you will fall in love with the characters! They are darling and add nicely to any presentation. A full gallery is awaiting you. Come have fun with Vox proxy!"

Detroit Free Press

Vox Proxy adds character to all kinds of slide shows
by Heather Newman, July 22, 2003

"Giving presentations at the office isn't most people's idea of a good time. But even if you're in a workplace where PowerPoint presentations are a daily occurrence, there's a piece of software that can liven them up a bit."

"..if you've seen one too many slide shows at the office that use the same old special effects and backgrounds, Vox Proxy can be a godsend."

American Way Inflight Magazine

Business Trends for the Modern Traveler
July 2003

...brings a gallery of colorful, animated characters to enliven your presentations. BOTTOM LINE: Lighten up. “PowerPoint” doesn’t have to be a synonym for “boring."

Smart Computing Magazine

Look Who's Talking
August 2003

"Bring your audience to their feet with the 3D animated, talking characters in Right Seat Software’s Vox Proxy 2.0. Vox Proxy 2.0 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2000 or 2002 by adding a Vox Proxy menu, giving you access to 27 characters. If you’re presenting to kids, select Waxy, a colorful, cartoon-like character who throws Frisbees. For business audiences, you can choose characters who are dressed in business attire."

Sales and Marketing Management

Feature of the Week
June 2003

"If PowerPoint plays a large role in your training presentations or tutorials, chances are you're constantly looking for ways to spruce it up. Try adding some character - literally. Right Seat Software's Vox Proxy program lets you add three-dimensional, talking, animated figures to your slideshow. The cast of 27 characters - ranging from men and women to parrots and robots - speaks from a script that you create. You can even add some international flair by scripting in other languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, or Japanese. Or have the characters literally take the words out of your mouth by giving them your own recorded voice. The software easily configures with PowerPoint, adding its own drop-down menus."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Add-in program pumps life into PowerPoint
By Linda Webb, Published April 21, 2003

"Creating a basic script is a breeze; the fun comes when deciding how to use the characters, their movements and their speech to add special effects to your next presentation.

Far from being a home toy, Vox Proxy is a powerful business presentation tool for trainers or presenters. Once you begin experimenting with Vox Proxy, your challenge will be to stop having fun with the creative effects - and get back to work!"

Interactive Intellegence
Technology Consulting

Vox Proxy Review: 3 bulbs out of 4
Published January, 2003

"Two things particularly impressed us. First was the short learning curve. You can effectively use this product within 30 minutes of installation. The tutorials are excellent. They are well structured, clear, concise and pertinent to the skills you need to learn.

Second is the scriptwriting wizard. It allows you to easily add exactly what you want said and by whom. Adding speech is as simple as typing the word "say" followed by the dialogue. The wizard gives you a menu-driven list to select which character(s) you want to appear, move and gesture. It worked as simply a 'drag-and-drop' or right-click and select. Within minutes we were putting together truly entertaining presentations of completely mundane subjects."

Technology Update , Curriculum Review, 01472453, Oct2002, Vol. 42, Issue 2

Vox Proxy adds character to PowerPoint presentations
Published October, 2002

Teachers who use PowerPoint in the classroom might want to check into an add-on program called Vox Proxy, from Right Seat Software. The application allows you to add animated characters to your presentations, and some teachers find it a boon in the classroom, reports the Hampton Road, Virginia, Daily Press. A reporter sat in recently as instructor Chuck Walsh taught a German lesson at local Denbigh High with some assistance from a cartoon doppelganger that appeared on a monitor in front of the classroom. Students seemed genuinely excited and interested in the exchanges.

“It's a lot of fun,” Walsh says of his efforts to incorporate Vox Proxy into his lessons. “It's one more way of getting and holding the attention of students. It's more exciting to have characters come on to explain a grammar point or explain an assignment for the day.”

The program got a vote of confidence from sophomore Sean Bland, who said, “At least you hear the information or see it in a different way. It helps you remember more if you add it to the teaching methods.”

Program adds pizzazz to presentations

by Mike Berman, Scripps Howard News Service, Published October 16, 2002

"Boredom: What often occurs while sitting through a presentation as you view slide after slide, with little sign of relief. So, what's the cure? Vox Proxy from Right Seat Software, a nifty little program that allows you to add animated characters and speech to those presentations, which makes them at least tolerable.

I found Vox Proxy extremely easy to use and had few problems synchronizing the characters' speech and movements with slides containing the usual charts, graphs and other data contained in most Power Point presentations. In fact, if you can point, type and click, you should have no problem spicing up your material."


Vox Proxy Review
Published October, 2002

"This easy to use add-on for MS Powerpoint is a sensational way to liven up your presentations. It's the most novel and exciting add-on for dynamic PowerPoint that we've ever tested. The program installs seamlessly in minutes and adds animated talking characters to your creations. Vox Proxy from Right Seat Software, Inc., is a powerful and fun tool for business and educational use. We used it to add guides for several of our in house presentations and the results were fantastic."

Deseret News

Animation program spices PowerPoint by Lois M. Collins
Published August 28, 2002

"The program is replete with shortcuts. Click on a character and you get a pull-down list of animations. Type in a line of text and the next thing you know, it's rolling off the parrot's tongue. And all you have to do is drop the critter into the presentation."

"...if you do a lot of PowerPoint presentations, it's definitely a program worth considering. No snoozers in the audience, guaranteed. "

Herald News (Suburban Chicago Newspapers)

Vox Proxy puts spark in PowerPoint presentations by Matt Cappellini
Published July 29, 2002

"Vox Proxy is an add-on that works seamlessly with Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation software package. For professionals, Vox Proxy will have a variety of uses: product demonstrations, sales presentations or reports. Teachers who use PowerPoint also may find it useful in keeping their charges from nodding off."

Corporate Meetings & Incentives

Presentations with personality by Regina Baraban
Published July 1, 2002

"PowerPoint presentations can be a snooze. But with graphics enlivened by Peedy the parrot or Robby the robot, your audience may skip their nap."

"With Vox Proxy's animated tutorials, help section, wizards, and pop-up windows, customizing slides can take less than 30 minutes."

Rocky Mountain News

Pepping Up PowerPoint by Janet Forgrieve
Published June 24, 2002

This is a well-written full-page article on the back cover of the weekly "Mile High Tech" section of the Rocky Mountain News. The article quotes California dentist Chris Pescatore, who uses Vox Proxy:

"You can interact with the character if you set it up right" Pescatore said. "He can walk as I'm talking, I can have him walk behind me and make faces behind my back. That really gets the crowd going. I try to have the character do unique things at important points in my lecture. If they can remember a funny gesture, they'll remember a particular point."

Government Computer News, June 2002

Cops rev training with 3-D slides
"They got no kick in Champaign when police officers booted up tired old Microsoft PowerPoint educational slide shows—that is, not until the Illinois city’s police department started adding 3-D talking characters to the slides. "

“If you just want to put on a slide show, PowerPoint is fine,” said Lt. Michael Paulus, who manages training and development. “People look at a Vox Proxy presentation and their jaws drop.”

Indezine, June 2002

An outstanding, detailed review of Vox Proxy by Geetesh Bajaj, a Microsoft-certified Most Valuable Professional for PowerPoint. Indezine is an excellent e-zine for presenters, geared specifically towards PowerPoint users.

"Further strengths are based on Vox Proxy's foundation as a complete solution - something which allows you to create, edit, deliver and distribute Agent characters within PowerPoint, without having to buy any other product. Couple that with Vox Proxy's excellent documentation and tutorials, and you have a winner."

"In Conclusion let me get one thing clearly across - Vox Proxy is addictive. Until you have seen it perform, you'll never know what you are missing."

Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA

Vox Proxy makes lessons memorable, by Stephanie Barrett
Published June 3, 2002

The author interviews Denbigh High School German teacher Chuck Walsh about his use of Vox Proxy in the classroom:

"A man named Chuck with a slight resemblance to David Letterman appears on the center of the
screen with a bright red background. Speaking in German, he tells the class he's a friend of
"What is that?" a student asks.
The cartoon character turns his attention to two students in Walsh's class and calls out their
names. He asks whether they're sleeping.
The class bursts with laughter."

"It's a lot of fun," he said. "It's one more way of getting and holding the attention of students. ...
It's more exciting to have characters come on to explain a grammar point or explain an
assignment for the day."

Smart Computing Magazine

Get Animated
by Dana Montey
Vol.13 Issue 6 Page 22 Published June 3, 2002

"When you look out into the audience, do you see yawns, fluttering eyes, and glazed
stares? Do you wonder what more you can do to interest them? You may be able to
revive your glassy-eyed audience with Vox Proxy, an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint
that uses Microsoft Agent technology to incorporate 3-D animated characters into
PowerPoint presentations."

"We found Vox Proxy to be very easy to use. After watching the informative tutorials, we are confident that we too have the ability to create lively, fun presentations. The test function on the Script Writer is useful, and we’re pleased to report that the Help file is actually helpful."

05/18/2002 Vox Proxy earns 5-star rating by "Computingwithkids.com"

Jinny Gudmundsen, in her popular web site, computingwithkids.com, has given Vox Proxy her top rating of five stars.

In her review, Gudmundsen said:

"With Vox Proxy, kids learn so much more than simply how to create an interesting presentation. They learn logic and programming skills as they make adorable characters do their bidding. While PowerPoint presentations help keep an audience interested, Vox Proxy characters will keep an audience riveted."

This review also appeared in Gannett newspapers all across the country, as well as in the San Jose Mercury News, in Gudmundsen's syndicated "Computing with kids" column.

05/17/2002 Federal Computer Week

Here's a nice story about a user of Vox Proxy: Andrew Silver, Director of Training for the Michigan Department of Community Health.

"...instead of seeing a slide and seeing words and then clicking the button to go on to the next slide, they're seeing a character talking to them. And to me that gives it a little more animation. That gives it a little more interest to someone." Silver said.

Meetings & Conventions April, 2002

How to enhance a successful presentation and bring it to the desktop by Bob Walters

An article on various tools that can be used to enhance PowerPoint presentations, with a focus on Vox Proxy.

Selling Power.com Presentations Newsletter

Published February 25, 2002

"Imagine yourself at your next sales presentation. You've been talking about the various features in your line of office copiers and the audience is starting to get restless when suddenly an animated character pops on screen and, using gestures and sound, says, "Hey, Bob. You haven't told them about the new FZ-56 zippy copy function!" "Oh yes," you reply. "Thank you for reminding me." You then discuss this new feature with an audience that is now reawakened and focused, anticipating the next appearance of your animated "assistant.""

"It works, says Jack Quinn, vice president and general manager of Spirits West, a Seattle-based distributor, wholesaler and broker of alcoholic beverages and an early user of Vox Proxy. He says employees and suppliers have been "delighted" by the technology, which the company is using for sales meetings, training and presentations to suppliers. "Most sales meetings are as serious as a heart attack and this lightens the mood a little," he says. In live presentations, "We'll get the character to say hello and welcome the supplier, then we might have him point out a big increase in business by having him point to a chart and say something like, 'Wow! Look at these numbers!'""

02/10/2002 Business Tech Column in The Ledger

In his business tech "Database" column of February 10, 2002, The Ledger's associate editor Lonnie Brown says:

"Some people believe that the worst thing about the technology revolution is the computer-produced slide presentation. [PowerPoint] Slides have been spun, dissolved, twisted, morphed, spindled and mutilated until there isn't anything new under the sun."

"Enter Vox Proxy ... from Right Seat Software Inc. It integrates with PowerPoint, adding 3-D cartoon characters who can talk to the audience using text-to-speech technology."

"It takes no programming skills to put the characters on the screen and make them go through their motions. Dropdown menus and tutorials explain everything."

"Tutorials demonstrate Vox Proxy's various features, with the characters themselves doing the work on the monitor screen. It's a painless way of learning Vox Proxy's capabilities and seeing the end result."

01/30/2002 TechTV rates Vox Proxy 4 stars!

In a comprehensive review of Vox Proxy, TechTV's Roy Santos rated it four stars out of a possible five. A video clip is available of a live segment on Vox Proxy shown January 10th.

"Vox Proxy is a powerful business tool that could make your PowerPoint slides stand out from the usual pack of dry presentations. ...Vox Proxy's wonderful script wizard makes scripting exponentially easier. This handy tool lets you control the characters with clicks rather than manual script writing."
Go to TechTV

09/17/2001 Software: Front Range TechBiz, Vol 1, Issue 8

Right Seat aims to entertain those stuck in their seats
by Tony Monterastelli
©2001 Front Range TechBiz

Click here to go to the actual article in the Front Range TechBiz web site

"If you've ever stifled a yawn during a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, then you'll welcome Tom Atkins' new software program..."

This article quotes several users of Vox Proxy.

07/12/2001 Product Review: Inside Microsoft PowerPoint newsletter (August 2001 issue)

Enhance your presentations with talking characters
by Nathan Adamus
©2001 Element K Content LLC

Click here to go to the Inside Microsoft PowerPoint web site

"Don't you wish you could have someone else presenting your slide shows for you? You're in luck. Now you can kiss all those boring presentations goodbye with the help of Vox Proxy's Talking Animated Characters for PowerPoint 2000."

"The great thing about this product is the ease with which you can control your characters. If you're worried about getting used to Vox Proxy's script editor, you'll be happy to know that it features a wizard that lets you control your characters using simple dropdown lists."

"Vox Proxy's Talking Animated Characters plug-in is great for any individual looking to spice up a boring presentation. "

06/01/2001 Presentations Magazine Product Profile

Vox Proxy 3D Agent add-ins for PowerPoint
by Mark Merritt, Presentations Magazine

©2001 Bill Communications, Inc.

"Adding a 3D animated character may seem like something only presentation pros can pull off, but recent advances with PowerPoint 2000 and Vox Proxy's talking animated characters for PowerPoint make it an easy task."

"If used wisely, it could be an interesting and impressive alternative to a standard slideshow presentation."

From Presentations Magazine, June, 2001 Copyright Bill Communications


02/04/2003 Version 2 Released

Ten new characters, support for AT&T Natural Voices, and many new software features highlight Version 2 of Vox Proxy. Read the press release about Version 2.

For more details, including pictures of the new characters and many screen shots, CLICK HERE.

Users of Version 1 can upgrade to Version 2 on the Vox Proxy order page.

04/09/2002 CD Prep program released

An exciting new option, CD Prep, is now available for Vox Proxy. CD Prep gives Vox Proxy users the tools to easily create royalty-free, self-starting CDs fully narrated by the family of 3D characters included in the software. Read the press release about CD Prep.

CDs generated from CD Prep will run on systems with any version of PowerPoint from 97 through 2002 (or even on the free PowerPoint Viewer), and on any version of Windows from 95 through XP. More details about the features of CD Prep are available here.

CD Prep is available as an inexpensive option (US$29.95) for Vox Proxy on the Vox Proxy order page.

01/01/2002 New Add-on Characters include professional female


Four new characters are now available as add-ons to Vox Proxy. Three of the characters, Doc, Tom, and Simon, are modifications of our highly-animated Paul character. The fourth, Susan, is a professional female. All four characters come with more than 100 animations. The characters can be seen and ordered from our online Character Gallery. They are priced at $29.95 each, with discounts of 10% for any two, 15% for three, and 20% for all four.

11/01/2001 Innovative new product award

Vox Proxy has been chosen by the Denver Business Journal as Colorado's Most Innovative New Product for 2001. Right Seat Software was honored at the DBJ's eighth annual award ceremony in Denver on November 1. Not only was Vox Proxy selected as the most innovative new software, but it received the "Best of Show" award among all nine product categories. According to the Denver Business Journal, judging was based on the innovation of the ideas and their potential for success in the marketplace over the long run.

09/04/2001 Press Release announcing Vox Proxy

Golden, CO - Right Seat Software, Inc. has formally announced its Vox Proxy software.
See the Vox Proxy PRESSROOM for text of the press release and other information useful to publications.

05/10/2001 Vox Proxy Nominated for 2001 IQ Award

Golden, CO - Right Seat Software, Inc. has been nominated for the 2001 IQ Awards for its new product, Vox Proxy™. The IQ Awards are sponsored by the Boulder Country Business Report.

The IQ (Innovation Quotient) Awards, launched in 2000, were created to recognize product or service innovation by companies located in Boulder, CO, or the Denver/Boulder Corridor. Eligible companies can be either start-ups or established firms. The judges review how clever, creative and unique the product or service is. Further, the innovation must be able to lead to a "sustainable" business - one with excellent market potential.

05/10/2001 Free Vox Proxy Player Released

Right Seat Software, Inc. (RSS) announces the availability of a new version of its Vox Proxy software, Vox Proxy Player. Vox Proxy Player is a free and freely-distributable add-in for PowerPoint® 2000 which allows users to play slide shows containing Vox Proxy scripts.

The Player will be a boon to anyone who wants to distribute their scripted presentations to others, according to RSS president Tom Atkins. “All they have to do is distribute Vox Proxy Player or send their end-users to our web site for a free download.” Atkins said. “It should be especially useful to developers of tutorials, product information shows, or other self-narrated slide shows.”

Like Vox Proxy, Vox Proxy Player contains all necessary components of Microsoft® Agent technology, including speech engines and characters. During installation, the characters give a brief, 2-minute introduction to the software.

Go to the Vox Proxy Player Information and Download Page


"There's no learning curve with Vox Proxy. It took me all of 30 minutes using the Wizard before I was writing scripts on my own!"
            M.F., Conyers, GA

"We love it, and we're winning the "way cool" contest!"
            A.F., Newport News Public Schools, VA

“Of all the programs we have tried with PowerPoint, yours works the best.”
            J.O., Hartford, CT

'Hey folks, I'm impressed! It does everything I expected, and more. Easy for a bonehead like me to figure out. Nice work!'
            D.F., Fairfield, NJ

“If you just want to put on a slide show, PowerPoint is fine. People look at a Vox Proxy presentation and their jaws drop!”
            M.P., Champaign, IL

"While PowerPoint presentations help keep an audience interested, Vox Proxy characters will keep an audience riveted."
            Jinny Gudmundsen, www.computingwithkids.com

"Vox Proxy is a powerful business tool that could make your PowerPoint slides stand out from the usual pack of dry presentations. ... Vox Proxy's wonderful script wizard makes scripting exponentially easier."
           Ron Santos, TechTV (www.techtv.com)

"In Conclusion let me get one thing clearly across - Vox Proxy is addictive. Until you have seen it perform, you'll never know what you are missing."
            Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft-certified Most Valuable Professional (PowerPoint)

“I recently made a presentation to our Board of Directors. I have never seen that group so attentive. This is usually a real hard group of people to get and hold the attention of. The fact that they all comprehended the subject, and they all actually paid attention can only be attributed to the effectiveness of Vox Proxy.”
            R.G., Charlottesville, VA

"I really appreciate the incredible technical support that you have given me. I have to learn new software almost daily in this job and it makes my job so much easier when there is good tech support."
            R.D. University of Winnipeg, Canada

“The tutorials are excellent…a source of help in creating my own Vox Proxy scripts.”
            J.S.R., Singapore

"Thanks again and don't stop. I use Vox Proxy whenever I use Power Point... with a lot of us, software is work; with your help it ends up being some GREAT FUN!"
            P.S., Shorewood, IL

“Working with Vox Proxy was real fun. The audience loved it! I especially like the test features.”
            A.H., Solingen, Germany

“The ability to customize the characters in the context of my slides makes it a powerful tool…a must-have for PowerPoint users.”
            F.K.B.I., Indonesia

“I had a great time using Vox Proxy and turned a hum drum presentation into something quite special. The teachers to whom I presented it were very impressed at how it could be used to help language-challenged students to improve their skills.”
            L.R., Lumberton, TX

"Vox Proxy is so easy to use... you've got to understand, I can barely turn on the computer!"
            T.B. Lockport, NY

"The product is very easy to use, and works very well with PowerPoint 2000. [It] allows a smooth transition between PowerPoint and video files. Overall it is so versatile."
S.B., Nashville, TN

"This is the greatest invention for PowerPoint to get your point across. The interactivity that one can develop retains the attention of the audience. To be able to put in a person's or organization's name and personalize the presentation is extremely powerful and attention-grabbing. I cannot think of a better product for PowerPoint. This gives you the power of presenting that truly knocks the socks off the audience. The price is cheap for the value it gives."
            S.B., Broomfield, CO

"I found Vox Proxy very easy to use. The Help is very direct and easy; rich in examples."
            E.L., Mexico City

“Add to [PowerPoint] a selection of Microsoft Agents…with some suitable scripting and WOW! The neatest idea I’ve seen in years! …really nice multi-media teaching tool.”
            The Journal of the British APL Association

            Vol.17 No.3 January 2001


CLICK HERE to go to the Vox Proxy Press Room There, you will find a great deal of information of use to writers and publications, including review articles, FAQ's, fact sheets, a company profile, graphics files for screen shots, and other art related to Vox Proxy.