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  Where can I run Vox Proxy? The most recent software platforms on which you can run Vox Proxy are PowerPoint 2010 on Windows 7. Please see notes below for the Microsoft "hotfix" needed to run on Windows 7.
  Windows 8 Microsoft has said that the Microsoft Agent technology used by Vox Proxy will not work on Windows 8.

However, we have not given up on Windows 8 and are working to find a solution. Please watch this page for updated information.

  64-bit PowerPoint The Vox Proxy add-in will not install on 64-bit versions of PowerPoint. PLEASE NOTE this does not refer to 64-bit Windows. Vox Proxy works fine on 32-bit Office installed on 64-bit versions of Windows.
  PowerPoint 2013 The Vox Proxy add-in will not install on PowerPoint 2013.
  Windows 7

Windows 7 does not come pre-installed with the Microsoft Agent technology needed for Vox Proxy. There is, however, a HOTFIX available from Microsoft to install this feature.The hotfix is available here:
Be sure to note whether you have a 64-bit (x64) or 32-bit (x86) system (it should default correctly).

Install Vox Proxy AFTER the hotfix is installed.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Microsoft's installation process is important.
1. D
ownload the hotfix and SAVE IT somewhere on your local hard drive
2. Run the downloaded file that you saved. That will unpack two new files but does not install the hotfix!
3. One of the two unpacked files is a text file with documentation. THE OTHER file is the hotfix setup file. RUN THAT FILE to install the hotfix.

Vox Proxy Version 4 MAY install properly with Windows 7, although you may encounter similar security issues as in Vista. If so, try turning off User Account Control (see Notes on Vista below). Version 5 should install smoothly in either Windows 7 or Vista without changing security settings.

  PowerPoint 2007/2010

If Vox Proxy appears to install correctly, but does not appear under "add-ins", it may be that PowerPoint has disabled the Vox Proxy add-in. You may re-enable the add-in by following these Microsoft instructions:
Summarized here:

  • In PowerPoint, click the Microsoft Office Button. Click the PowerPoint Options button.
  • In the categories pane, click Add-ins.
  • In the details pane, locate the add-in in the Inactive Application Add-ins list.
  • Vox Proxy may be shown at "APL in PowerPoint"
  • In the Manage box, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
  • In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, select the check box next to the disabled Vox Proxy add-in.
  • Click OK

NOTE that you MUST HAVE VERSION 4 OR NEWER to run in PowerPoint 2007. Click here if you have version 3 or older.



Vox Proxy version 4 will work on the Windows Vista operating system. Click here for more details about using Vox Proxy with Windows Vista. The Vista version permits the use of new Text-To-Speech engines, but also contains some Microsoft-imposed restrictions.

Before attempting to install Vox Proxy Version 4 on Vista, be sure to see required Vista Security Settings below. Version 5 should install without changing any security settings.

DOWNLOAD an interim Version 4 program update, which includes updates for Vista.
Save this file in the folder:
C:\Program Files\Vox Proxy
and replace the existing file of the same name.
NOTE THAT THIS IS FOR EXISTING VERSION 4 USERS ONLY. If you download this file with a previous version, Vox Proxy will cease to function.


Required Vista Security Settings

Vox Proxy requires two Vista security seetings.They are:
1. User Account Control (UAC) must be set OFF
2. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) must be set to "essential Windows programs and services only"

DOWNLOAD detailed instructions in the form of a Word document showing the step-by-step procedure to make these changes in Vista.

  CD Prep problems in Version 4

This is a reported problem with CD Prep in Version 4: When you insert the CD, it auto-starts, but after seeing "starting PowerPointViewer", it quits with an error.

Until we release an update, you can fix the problem with the following procedure:

Copy all files from the folder:
c:\program files\vox proxy\viewer
into the viewer folder in your CD Image folder. For example, if your Cd Image folder (from which you burn the CD) is c:\program files\vox proxy\cdimage
Then you should copy the viewer files into the folder:
c:\program files\vox proxy\cdimage\viewer

  Upgrading from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 or 2010

With Office 2007 and 2010, Microsoft has removed the SCRIPTS object in PowerPoint presentation files, which is where Vox Proxy scripts were saved in Versions 1-3. Version 4 or 5 of Vox Proxy will be required with PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 and presentation files must be converted using Version 4 or 5 while you are still running on PowerPoint 2000-2003. You may upgrade from 2007 to 2010 without problem.

Click here for more details about this important release.

  Speech Problems

Microsoft has posted a bulletin on their Agent home page saying that if you are using Windows-XP and the characters stop speaking, you must re-install the speech API. Do that by running the following two programs (in this order):

Speech API
Speech Engine

You can just open each of these files to run them. We believe that this is one of many software compatibility problems with Service Pack-2.

  FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Vox Proxy
  User Patch

A patch program for Version 3 to allow all users in Windows XP or 2000 to access the Vox Proxy menu in PowerPoint. This applies to Version 3 only and fixes a bug in versions from 3.0 through 3.112.

Log onto the user from which you installed Vox Proxy (and from which you can see the Vox Proxy menu). Then download this exe file and open or run it to apply the patch.

  IMPORTANT PowerPoint setting For users of PowerPoint 2002 (XP) or 2003, please read this support bulletin to avoid slow or stalled characters or failures during a slide show.

Downloads and Updates Many downloads, including free program update, speech engines, and tutorials
  Comparison with MASH® A comparison of Vox Proxy with BellCraft's MS Agent Scripting Helper, MASH®
  Latest program update

Direct download link to the latest Vox Proxy program file. Save this file to the folder:
c:\program files\vox proxy
and overlay the old file of the same name

IMPORTANT: This update is for Version 3 only! If you have version 1 or 2, click here for the latest program.

  Slow or stalled characters in PowerPoint 2002 or 2003 This bulletin describes how to fix a problem with slow or stalled characters while playing slide shows in PowerPoint 2002 or 2003.
  Demonstration movies These are movie files made from a PowerPoint presentation with Vox Proxy characters. Several formats are available.

Web links to a number of interesting sites, including PowerPoint, Microsoft Agent, and character developer sites
  Online tutorial slide shows When you click on the link for one of the tutorials, select OPEN from the download dialog box. It will launch PowerPoint and play the tutorial. BE PATIENT because the slide show must first download. Then PowerPoint will be launched automatically
  WaitforClick This tutorial explains how to create an interactive conversation between you and a character during a live presentation. Step-by-step instrucations are given and demonstrated.
  Alert: Microsoft Media Player 9 and 10

Versions 3 and newer of Vox Proxy support Microsoft Media Player 9 or 10. If you have Version 1 or 2 and plan to use Vox Proxy's PlayMedia command, you must upgrade to Version 4.


Tips and Tricks

A handful of useful items about using Vox Proxy

  Playing Vox Proxy presentations on multiple computers Explains the various ways to distribute your presentations to others who do not own Vox Proxy
  Playing from a Network You can save Vox Proxy PowerPoint presentations on a network server, where any users who have the Vox Proxy Player can run it.
  Customized Player setup files We can provide you with custom Player setup files that you can put on your own web site for download by your customers or students.
  Recording Movies of Vox Proxy Presentations Information and instructions for using Camtasia Studio to record movies of Vox Proxy presentations.
  AT&T Natural Voices Installation information for installing additional AT&T voices on a different drive than the Natural Voices engine was installed on.
Archived Support Bulletins
Free cursor character and program updates
Problems saving or seemingly losing scripts

Slow or stalled characters in PowerPoint 2002 (Office XP) slide shows



Solving the most common problems encountered with Vox Proxy
Bug Alert

Current known bugs or other issues
The full Version 3 user manual in a printable PDF format.

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